By whom should Mangal Bhat Puja be performed?
Mangal Bhat Puja is completely related to your life, so this Puja should be done seriously by a specific, Satvik and learned Brahmin, Pandit Shri Ramakant Choubey ji knows the importance and method of this Puja very well and till now the Puja done by him has always been successful by the grace of Lord Shiva.

Why Mangal Bhat Puja should be done
There are some people in whose horoscope Mars is heavy, that is called Mangal Dosha in the language of astrology, Mangal Dosha is said to be the defect created by inauspicious Mars located in any house of the horoscope, which due to its position and strength in the horoscope can create problems in different areas of the life of the person, then they must worship in Mangalnath temple for the peace of their malefic planets. Therefore, getting Mangal Bhat Puja done in Ujjain itself gives the best virtue and fruit.

Who should get Mangal Bhat Puja done?
According to Vedic astrology, if there is Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house of a person’s birth cycle, then the person born in such a situation is called Manglik or it is also called Mangal Dosh. This situation is considered extremely inauspicious for marriage, in the view of astrology, a Manglik should marry only another Manglik. That is, if both bride and groom are auspicious, then Mangal Dosh of both ends due to each other’s yoga. But if it is not known due to any reason, and there is Mangal Dosh in one’s horoscope, then Mangal Bhat Puja must be done. Mangal Dosh is such a strange situation that any person who is formed in his horoscope has to face very strange situations like tension and disintegration in relations, any untoward and unpleasant incident in the house, unnecessary hindrance and inconvenience in work and any kind of damage and untimely death of the couple is considered as Manglik Dosh. Basically according to the nature of Mars, such planetary yoga shows harmful effects, you should perform this puja in Ujjain’s Mangalnath temple to control its maleficity by Vedic worship process.

Story of Mangal Bhat Puja
In the scriptures, Mars is believed to be generated from sweat coming out of Lord Shiva’s body due to anger, its story is as follows, Lord Shiva is very generous in giving boons, he gave what he asked for, but when someone misuses his boon, Lord Shiva himself destroys it for the welfare of the living beings. If he falls, demons like me will be born. Lord Shiva is the one who gave a boon, but with this boon, Andhakasur created havoc on the earth..He started killing all the gods, sages, sages and humans. A fierce battle in the sky between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura went on for many years.
While fighting, a drop of sweat from Lord Shiva’s forehead fell on the earth’s womb, that drop fell on earth on the land of Mangalnath, from which Shiva Pindi originated from the earth’s womb and this later got fame by the name of Mangalnath. At the time of the war, Lord Shiva’s trisul was touched by Andhakasur, when the drops of blood started falling from the sky on Lord Mangal, the son of Shiva, in the womb of the earth, then Lord Mangal became in the form of embers. Due to being in the form of embers, the drops of blood were reduced to ashes and Andhakasura was killed by Lord Shiva. Being pleased with Mangalnath, Lord Shiva gave him the title of Lord of 21 departments and one of the nine planets.
Shiva’s son Mangal became of fiery nature. Then Brahmaji, sages, sages, deities and humans first applied curd and rice to calm the fierceness of Mars, both curd and rice are cool, due to which the fierceness of Mars is calm. That’s why the people in whose horoscope Mars is very strong, they should get Mangal Bhat Puja done, it is very beneficial and auspicious fruitful if this Puja is done in Ujjain. For this reason Mars is also known as Angarak and Kujnam.