Tips For Paap Kartari Yog: According to astrology, when the horoscope is analyzed, many types of defects are detected. Such is this yoga. Actually, the meaning of Kartri is to bite or bite. In the horoscope, when malefic planets are sitting one house ahead and one house behind a house, then Paap Kartari Yoga is formed from that house. If a benefic planet is sitting with a malefic planet in the next and previous house of a house, then it does not seem to be a defect. If any planet is present in the house in which Paap Kartari Yoga is being formed, then Paap Kartari Yoga becomes effective. The fruits associated with the factors and expressions of that planet are obtained with a lot of struggle. The malefic planets in the horoscope may be yoga karakas, but they do not leave their natural nature.

How is this Paap Kartari Yoga formed?
Jupiter is sitting in the fifth house of the horoscope. One house ahead of it, that is, in the sixth house, the malefic Saturn is sitting. The malefic planets Mars and Ketu are sitting one house behind, that is, in the fourth house. In this way, Paap Kartari Yoga comes in the fifth house of the horoscope. Now here there will be trouble in getting the fruits related to the fifth house like education and children. Now here in the fifth house, the planet Jupiter has also come under the influence of Paap Kartari Yoga. In this situation, the fruits associated with the Guru will also be obtained after difficulty and struggle. The malefic planet Saturn is sitting one house behind the seventh house i.e. in the sixth house and the malefic planet Sun is sitting one house ahead of the seventh house i.e. in the eighth house.
So, due to Mercury sitting in the seventh house also coming under the influence of Paap Kartari Yoga, there will be problems in getting husband wife marriage and share and daily income. When Saturn transits in the twelfth house from Moon’s sign, it is the starting time of Sade Sati. When the planet Saturn comes over the moon sign. Then there is the middle phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati. When Shani comes in the second house of the moon sign, then that time is the last phase of Sade Sati of the malefic planet Shani. Which ends by going to the feet. In this way, the transit of Saturn from the twelfth house to the second house from the Moon gives inauspicious effects for the human being. Because of which life becomes boring. Along with this, there is a lot of problems in life. It means to say that the list of troubles and customs becomes long. Man cannot achieve any success even if he wants to.