History Of Mahakaleshwar Ujjain
When did the Mahakala temple first come in existence, is difficult to tell. However, the event may be assigned to the Pre-historic period. Puranas narrate that it was first established by Prajapita Brahma. There is reference to the appointment of prince Kumarasena by king Chanda Pradyota in 6th c. BC for looking after the law and order situations of Mahakala temple. The punch-marked coins of Ujjain, belonging to 4th-3rd c. BC, bear the figure of Lord Siva on them. Mahakala temple is also mentioned in several ancient Indian poetic texts. According to these texts, the temple had been very magnificent and magnanimous. Its foundation and platform were built of stones. The temple rested on the wooden pillars. There had been no sikharas on the temples prior to the Gupta period. The roofs of temples had mostly been flat. Possibly due to this fact, Kalidasa in Raghuvansam described this temple as ‘Niketana’. The palace of the king had been in the vicinity of the temple. In the early part of the Meghadutam (Purva Megha), Kalidasa gives a fascinating description of the Mahakala temple. It appears that this Chandisvara temple might have been a unique example of the then art and architecture. It may be ascertained that how splendid had been the temple of the main Deity of that town which possessed multi-storeyed gold-plated palaces and buildings and the superb artistic grandeur. The temple was enclosed by high ramparts attached with the entry-gates.At twilight the lively rows of glittering lamps enlightened the temple-complex.

The whole atmosphere echoed with the sound of various musical instruments. Thecharming and well-decorated damsels added a lot in the aesthetic beauty of the temple. The echo of the Jaya-dhvani (Let the Lord be victories) of the assembly of the devotees was heard far and wide. Priests remained busy in worshipping the Deity and chanting eulogies. The Vedic hymns were recited and Stutis were sung, the painted walls and well-carved images projected the artistic heights of the day.

After the downfall of the Gupta empire, several dynasties including the Maitrakas, Chalukyas, Later Guptas, Kalachuris, Pusyabhutis, Gurjara Pratiharas, Rastrakutas etc. dominated the political scenerio in Ujjain one after the other. However, all bowed down before Mahakala and distributed endowments and alms to the deserving. During this period a number of temples of various gods and goddesses,Tirthas, Kundas, Vapis and gardens took shape in Avantika. Several Saivite temples including those of 84 Mahadevas existed here. This fact should specifically be underlined that when every nook and corner of Ujjain was dominated by religious monuments housed by the images of their respective deities, the development and progress of Mahakala temple and its religiocultural milieu was not at all neglected. Among many of the poetic texts composed during this period, which sung the significance and glamour of the temple, Harsacharit and Kadambari of Banabhatta, Naisadhacharit of Sri Harsa, and Navasahasamkacharit of Padmagupta are noteworthy. It so appears that during rhw Paramara period, a series of crisis prevailed over Ujjain and the Mahakala temple. In the Eighth decade of Eleventh c. AD, one Gazanavide commander invaded Malwa, looted it brutally and destroyed many temples and images. But very soon the Paramaras rejuvenated every thing. A contemporary Mahakala Inscription testifies the fact that during the later Eleventh c. and early twelfth c., the Mahakala temple was re-built during the reign of Udayaditya and Naravarman. It was built in the Bhumija style of architecture, very favourite to the Paramaras. Remains available in the temple-complex and the neighbouring places authenticate this fact. The temples of this style had been either Triratha or Pancharatha in plan. The main feature of identification of such temples had been its star-shaped plan and the sikhara. So far as the sikhara is concerned, urusrngas (mini-spires), generally of odd numbers, gradually decreasing in size in rows between the well-decorated spines (haravali or lata) rose up at the cardinal points from the Chityaas and the Sukanasas ultimately surmounted by the Amalaka. Every part of the temple was glutted with decorative motifs or images. Horizontally, the shrine from front to back was respectively divided in entrance, ardhamandapa, sanctum, antarala (vestibule) garbhagrha and Pradaksanapatha. Upper components of the temple rested on the strong and well-designed pillars and pilasters. Such temples, according to the contemporary Silpa-sastras contained the images of various god and goddesses, Nava Grahas (Nine planets), Apsaras (celestial damsels), female dancers, anucharas (attendants), Kichakas etc. The sculptural art of the temple had been very classical and multifarious. Besides the Saivite images of Nataraja, Kalyanasundara, Ravananugraha, Gajantaka, Sadasiva, Andhakasura-slayer, Lakulisa etc., the temples were adorned with the images of Ganesa, Paravati, Brahma, Visnu, Surya (Sun-god), Sapta Matrkas (Seven mother-goddesses) etc. These images had been very proportionate, well-decorated, sculpturally perfect and carved according to classical and Puranic texts. The worshipping and the conduct of rituals continued in some way or the other. Prabandha Chintamani, Vividha Tirtha Kalpataru, Prabandha Kosha all composed during 13th-14th c. reveal this fact. Similar mention is made in Vikramacharit and Bhojacharita composed in 15th c. AD. According to the epic Hammira Mahakavya, Hammira, the ruler of Ranathambor worshipped Lord Mahakala while his stay in Ujjain.

A few Sanads issued by the Sultans of Malwa and Mughal emperors have come to light in Ujjain which testifies that during the mediaeval period these Islamic rulers contributed some donations to priests for conducting worship, lighting the lamps and offering the prayers to Divinity for the safety of their reign. Thus it is evident that these Islamic rulers also had a respect for Mahakalesvara and they issued financial assistance for the appeasement of Hindu subjects too. Maratha regime was established in Ujjain in the fourth decade of Eighteenth c. The administration of Ujjain was assigned by Peshwa Bajirao-I to his faithful commander Ranoji Shinde, The diwan of Ranoji was Sukhatanakar Ramchandra Baba Shenavi who was very wealthy but unluckily issueless. On the suggestions of many learned Panditas and wel-wishers, he decided to invest his wealth for religious purposes. In this connection, he re-built the famous Mahakala temple in Ujjain during the 4th-5th decades of Eighteenth c. AD.

Chandal Dosh Nivaran Puja

Many auspicious and inauspicious yogas are formed in the horoscope of a person. These yogas are formed by the combination of planets. Auspicious yoga has a positive effect on life. On the other hand, inauspicious yoga creates many types of difficulties in life. One such yoga is formed by the meeting of Guru, Rahu and Ketu. This is called Guru Chandal Yoga. Kundli Guru knows what are the disadvantages of Chandal Dosh and what should be done to pacify it.

– If Guru and Rahu are sitting together in the first house of the horoscope. So the character of the person starts to become suspicious. Along with this, the person is engaged in earning money unethically.

– If Guru Chandal Yoga is formed in the second house of the horoscope, then the person becomes wealthy. But spends money in enjoyment. Apart from this, due to the weakness of the Guru, the person remains intoxicated.

– Due to the meeting of Guru and Rahu in the third house of the horoscope, a person becomes mighty and courageous. But becomes notorious in wrong actions. Along with this, the person tries to earn money by betting, gambling etc.

Grahan Yog Shanti Puja

When Sun or Moon comes under the influence of Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope, it creates eclipse defect. The house in which this type of alliance is formed in the horoscope, that house becomes contaminated, that means there is a negative effect on that house. For example, if there is a conjunction of Rahu and Moon in the eighth house, then there is a very bad effect on the age and health of the person. If this type of conjunction is in the seventh house, then there are only failures in business, ill effects on health and differences with life partner.

Vedic Grahan Shanti Ritual is the only way to reduce the negative results and ill effects of Grahan Dosh.

Kemdrum Dosh Nivaran Puja

Kemdrum Yog is one of the most important Doshas formed by Moon (Chandrama). When one house in front and back from the Moon are vacant, in this case, Kemdrum Yog is formed. In other words, to form this Yog the 2nd & the 12th house from the Moon should be vacant. When we talk about Kemadruma Yoga planet Rahu and Ketu are not analyzed. This Yog is also formed when the Moon is not in association with an auspicious planet. Our Puja services conduct Kemdrum Yoga Shanti Puja in order to remove the malefic effects of this Yoga. To know more about the Kemdrum Dosh Nivaran Puja like benefits, effects, Puja Vidhi and much more you should scroll below the article.

Effects of Kemdrum Dosh
Poverty chases you and it can make you a beggar.
– Married couples desire for a child in their lifetime.
– Family happiness is not attained.
– Sometimes such a bad situation comes that even food is not intoxicated.

Note: In Kemdrum Dosh Nivaran Puja, their dosha is reduced and the moon is made strong by chanting the mantras.

Significance of Kemdrum Yoga Shanti Puja
There is a misconception about Kemadruma Dosha that it provides only inauspicious effects with a troubled life. But this notion is not totally true and people born in this Yog do well in their profession. People suffering from this Yog also receive respect and appreciation in their field of work. In the present time, astrologers only talk about the inauspicious effects of this Yog but if they also start talking about the auspicious results people would know that due to the presence of some yogas, Kemadruma yoga is converted into Raj yoga.

Most phenomenal Astrologers were born with Kemdruma Yoga who have contributed to groundbreaking discoveries. Kemdrum Yog Shanti Puja or Kemdrum Dosh Nivaran Puja fixes the dosha present in an astrological chart which can cause native to become a beggar or face severe financial issues. It is one of the strongest and effect yielding Yog causing even a rich person to die the death of a beggar.

Kemdrum Dosha Nivaran Puja Benefits
– One who performs this ritual become rich, wealthy, strong and famous.
– By conjoining with the benefic planets around Moon nullify the ill effects.
– By placing Moon in the 10th house removes the base of this dosha.
– In the birth chart, Jupiter is conjoined with the Moon and minimizes the negative effects of this dosha.

Spiritual Kemdrum Dosha Nivaran Puja Benefits
Kemdrum Yoga Shanti Puja opens doors of prosperity for you.
-It removes financial issues, & strength to overcome obstacles.
– Mental strength Increase.
For emotional and financial stability.
– Improves career growth.
Health Kemdrum Dosha Nivaran Puja Benefits
-It helps to overcome mental and physical problems gradually and you become a happy person.
– For freedom from diseases.
– Protects from ailments & improves health.
– One should keep this yantra for good health and prosperity.
– To get a better job or for business, to get rid of family problems, debts, diseases.
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Why Kemdrum Yoga Shanti Puja from Shaligram Shala
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Kemdrum Yoga Shanti Puja by Shaligram Shala
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Mangal Bhat Puja Ujjain

By whom should Mangal Bhat Puja be performed?
Mangal Bhat Puja is completely related to your life, so this Puja should be done seriously by a specific, Satvik and learned Brahmin, Pandit Shri Ramakant Choubey ji knows the importance and method of this Puja very well and till now the Puja done by him has always been successful by the grace of Lord Shiva.

Why Mangal Bhat Puja should be done
There are some people in whose horoscope Mars is heavy, that is called Mangal Dosha in the language of astrology, Mangal Dosha is said to be the defect created by inauspicious Mars located in any house of the horoscope, which due to its position and strength in the horoscope can create problems in different areas of the life of the person, then they must worship in Mangalnath temple for the peace of their malefic planets. Therefore, getting Mangal Bhat Puja done in Ujjain itself gives the best virtue and fruit.

Who should get Mangal Bhat Puja done?
According to Vedic astrology, if there is Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house of a person’s birth cycle, then the person born in such a situation is called Manglik or it is also called Mangal Dosh. This situation is considered extremely inauspicious for marriage, in the view of astrology, a Manglik should marry only another Manglik. That is, if both bride and groom are auspicious, then Mangal Dosh of both ends due to each other’s yoga. But if it is not known due to any reason, and there is Mangal Dosh in one’s horoscope, then Mangal Bhat Puja must be done. Mangal Dosh is such a strange situation that any person who is formed in his horoscope has to face very strange situations like tension and disintegration in relations, any untoward and unpleasant incident in the house, unnecessary hindrance and inconvenience in work and any kind of damage and untimely death of the couple is considered as Manglik Dosh. Basically according to the nature of Mars, such planetary yoga shows harmful effects, you should perform this puja in Ujjain’s Mangalnath temple to control its maleficity by Vedic worship process.

Story of Mangal Bhat Puja
In the scriptures, Mars is believed to be generated from sweat coming out of Lord Shiva’s body due to anger, its story is as follows, Lord Shiva is very generous in giving boons, he gave what he asked for, but when someone misuses his boon, Lord Shiva himself destroys it for the welfare of the living beings. If he falls, demons like me will be born. Lord Shiva is the one who gave a boon, but with this boon, Andhakasur created havoc on the earth..He started killing all the gods, sages, sages and humans. A fierce battle in the sky between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura went on for many years.
While fighting, a drop of sweat from Lord Shiva’s forehead fell on the earth’s womb, that drop fell on earth on the land of Mangalnath, from which Shiva Pindi originated from the earth’s womb and this later got fame by the name of Mangalnath. At the time of the war, Lord Shiva’s trisul was touched by Andhakasur, when the drops of blood started falling from the sky on Lord Mangal, the son of Shiva, in the womb of the earth, then Lord Mangal became in the form of embers. Due to being in the form of embers, the drops of blood were reduced to ashes and Andhakasura was killed by Lord Shiva. Being pleased with Mangalnath, Lord Shiva gave him the title of Lord of 21 departments and one of the nine planets.
Shiva’s son Mangal became of fiery nature. Then Brahmaji, sages, sages, deities and humans first applied curd and rice to calm the fierceness of Mars, both curd and rice are cool, due to which the fierceness of Mars is calm. That’s why the people in whose horoscope Mars is very strong, they should get Mangal Bhat Puja done, it is very beneficial and auspicious fruitful if this Puja is done in Ujjain. For this reason Mars is also known as Angarak and Kujnam.


Trimbakeshwar Narayan Nagbali Puja:
Trimbakeshwar Temple is one of the promising places to many other temples. It is said that those who visit Trimbakeshwar get salvation (sadgati). This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva to perform a special ritual known as Narayan Nagbali, which is performed by the ancient dependence of the Brahmin known as Tamprapatradhari Purohit. It is believed that this place is the origin of the Ganga Godavari River, which flows from Brahmgiri hills( which is 1295 m above sea level ) which is situated just behind the historic Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple. It is one of tirtha kshetra and one among the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. So, performing any Pooja at this holy place gives positive results.

Best Narayan Nagbali Pandit at Trimbakeshwar:
Important Note: Dear yajmana(guest) Please take a note that these trimbakeshwar poojas should be done by Tamprapatra holder panditji they are authentic and holding the authority from ages to perform pujas in trimbakeshwar and pujas get done by this panditji will result in satisfaction and a complete solution to your problem. We want you to reach out to the most authentic source.
Types of Narayan Nagbali:
1. Narayan Bali Pooja:
Narayan Bali puja can be performed in selected Teerth kshetras across India. One such a teerth keshtra is Trimbakeshwar. Narayan Bali Puja is performed in case of the unnatural death of our family member. Death can be by accident, suicide, snake bite, etc. In some cases, if the Shardha ceremony (annual) is not performed for many years, then Horoscopes shows Pitru dosh. For all these reasons, we have to perform Narayan Bali Pooja.

2. Nag Bali Pooja:
Naga Bali is done to get rid of the sin committed by killing a snake, especially a cobra which is worshiped in India. In this ritual, they also perform the last rites of the body of a snake made of wheat flour. Nag Bali Puja is performed only in the Trimbakeshwar

Only Narayan Bali puja cannot perform sacrifice or Nagbali, so both these methods are performed simultaneously. It is also called as Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja.
Narayan Bali Pooja Mantra:
“शस्त्रघातमृताये चा स्पर्शस्पृष्टवा तथैव च तत्तु दुर्मरणम ग्येयम यच्चजातं विधिंविना।
अतःतस्य सुतै पौत्रे सपिंडैशुभमिच्छुभिः नारायणबलिं कार्यो लोकगर्धाभिया खग”
Meaning: Narayan Bali is primarily performed when a person dies due to firearms, suicide, fatal illness, a difficult life, ghost torment, untimely death (apamrityu), a series of events, or the curses of parents, wives, and in-laws, among other things. It’s a Kaamya karma situation.

Reasons for Performing Narayan Bali Pooja:
There can be many reasons to perform Narayan Bali puja as described in ancient Garuda Purana, which is related to any unnatural death caused by infectious decades ( Cholera, Flu, etc.) Natural disaster and Snakebite.

Who Should Perform the Narayan Nagbali Pooja
Mostly this Puja is performed to reduce Pitru Dosh from one birth chart. The Narayan Nagbali puja should be performed by anyone who wants to succeed in business life. This Puja can also be performed by having financial loss, educational problems, or any marriage-related issues
Where Should You Do Narayan Nagbali Puja ?
Narayan Nagbali Pooja is a very Special Ritual Which Should be done only in trimbak, Near Ahilya Godavari Sangam at Sati Maha-Smashan near Trimbakeshwar temple(Nashik).Other than this place this puja cannot be performed in anywhere.
According to “PRASAD YOJNA”(Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spirituality Augmentation Drive) 2016-17 central government ministry of tourism has alloted special packages under this scheme, this place is alloted for development.

Navagraha Shanti and Nakshatra Shanti Puja

Navgraha Shanti Puja Vidhi & Muhurt
Navagraha Puja should be done on a special day or on a muhurta. The muhurta of this puja is derived according to the horoscope of the individual who is going to perform this Navgraha Shanti Puja. While performing the Navagraha puja, the chanting of the mantra for all the nine planets which are Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn & Mercury is necessary. Actually chanting of these mantras is necessary to appease the Navagrahas. This process is also called Graha Shanti. While describing the significance of worshipping Navgrahas or nine planets, God Vishnu says to Rudra that people who worship the Navgraha (nine planets) with appropriate rituals attains all the four Purusharth (objectives of life) which are Dharma (religion), Artha (materialistic abundance), Kaam (fulfilment of desires) and Moksha (salvation).

Navgraha Shanti Mantra
Surya Mantra: Om Hrang Hring Hraung Sah Suryay Namah ||
सूर्य मंत्र: ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं स: सूर्याय नम:।

Chandra Mantra: Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Somay Namah ||
चंद्र मंत्र: ओम श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः सोमाय नमः ।

Mangal Mantra: Om Kram Krim Krom Sah Bhaumay Namah ||
मंगल मंत्र: ओम क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम: ।

Budh Mantra: Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaye Namah ||
बुधा मंत्र: ओम ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः ।

Guru Mantra: Om Gram Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah ||
गुरु मंत्र: ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः।

Shukra Mantra: Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraye Namah ||
शुक्र मंत्र: ओम द्रां द्रीं द्रौम सः शुक्राय नमः ।

Shani Mantra: Om Pram Preem Prom Sah Shanye Namah ||
शनि मंत्र: ओम प्रां प्रीं प्रोम सह शनै नमः ।

Rahu Mantra: Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah ||
राहु मंत्र – ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः।

Ketu Mantra: Om Stram Streem Strom Sah Ketave Namah ||
केतु मंत्र – ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं सः केतवे नमः।
Om Navgarihaya Namah ||

Navgraha Shanti Gayatri Mantra
सूर्य गायत्री मंत्र (Surya Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् भास्कराय विद्मिहे महातेजाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: सूर्य: प्रचोदयात ||

चंद्र गायत्री मंत्र (Chandra Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् क्षीरपुत्राय विद्मिहे मृतात्वाय धीमहि |
तन्नम्चंद्र: प्रचोदयात ||

भौमा गायत्री मंत्र (Mangala Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् अंगारकाय विद्मिहे वाणेशाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: भौम प्रचोदयात ||

बुध गायत्री मंत्र (Budha Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् सौम्यरुपाय विद्मिहे वाणेशाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: बुध: प्रचोदयात ||

बृहस्पति गायत्री मंत्र (Brihaspati Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् गुरुदेवाय विद्मिहे वाणेशाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: गुरु: प्रचोदयात ||

शुक्र गायत्री मंत्र (Shukra Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् भृगुसुताय विद्मिहे दिव्यदेहाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: शुक्र: प्रचोदयात ||

शनि गायत्री मंत्र (Shani Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् शिरोरुपाय विद्मिहे मृत्युरुपाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: सौरि: प्रचोदयात ||

राहु गायत्री मंत्र (Rahu Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् शिरोरुपाय विद्मिहे अमृतेशाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: राहु: प्रचोदयात ||

केतु गायत्री मंत्र (Ketu Gayatri Mantra)

ओम् गदाहस्ताय विद्मिहे अमृतेशाय धीमहि |
तन्नो: केतु: प्रचोदयात ||

Significance of Navgraha Shanti Puja
According to the Vedic astrology, all the nine planets in your horoscope (Kundali) affects the course of life i.e. marriage, career, health, finances etc. The movement of these planets in the horoscope forms yogas or doshas (negative influences). Due to these Navagraha doshas, people face various obstacles & hindrances in their life. In order to minimize and negate the malefic doshas or malefic influence of these planets, we wear Navgraha Shanti Puja. This Navagraha locket reduces or eliminates the negative or malefic effects of planets. If devotee wear this Navgraha Shanti Puja or worship Navgraha Shanti Puja in the right manner he/ she will be blessed with success and relief from ill health, disharmony & obstacles.
Benefits of Navagraha Shanti Worship (as per Puranas)
-This puja pacifies the malefic planets & strengthens benevolent planets
– It removes the obstacles from professional & personal life
– The Navgraha Puja is recommended for those who are facing obstacles, delays, struggles or losses/ disharmony in their career, business & family life
– By performing this puja you will be blessed with good health, prosperity, harmony & success in all spheres of life
– It also removes all the Vastu Doshas provide longevity of life
– Prevents thefts accidents and sudden death
– Bestow virtuous children who take the name of the lineage to further higher up
– Navgraha Puja removes all the planetary doshas and makes life easy and meaningful

Spiritual Benefits of Navgraha Shanti Puja
– Offers success, good health and spiritual progress
– Navgraha Shanti Puja removes planetary Doshas & all the negative effects associated with it
– Bestows good luck and fortune on the worshipper
– Brings positivity in the life of the worshipper
– It destroys sins & past karma by Antahkarna Shuddhi.
– It is the most powerful Puja for dhyaan/ meditation and spiritual attainments.
– Give liberation and devotional service.

Health Benefits of Navgraha Shanti Puja
– Protects from ailments & improves health.
– Boosts immunity & bestows longevity.
– Protects from death, accidents and theft.
– To improve intelligence and to clear bad thoughts from the mind.
– For better Memory Power.
-To get inner strength and confidence along with desirable results.
– For all-round success.

Paap Kartari Dosh Removal Puja

Tips For Paap Kartari Yog: According to astrology, when the horoscope is analyzed, many types of defects are detected. Such is this yoga. Actually, the meaning of Kartri is to bite or bite. In the horoscope, when malefic planets are sitting one house ahead and one house behind a house, then Paap Kartari Yoga is formed from that house. If a benefic planet is sitting with a malefic planet in the next and previous house of a house, then it does not seem to be a defect. If any planet is present in the house in which Paap Kartari Yoga is being formed, then Paap Kartari Yoga becomes effective. The fruits associated with the factors and expressions of that planet are obtained with a lot of struggle. The malefic planets in the horoscope may be yoga karakas, but they do not leave their natural nature.

How is this Paap Kartari Yoga formed?
Jupiter is sitting in the fifth house of the horoscope. One house ahead of it, that is, in the sixth house, the malefic Saturn is sitting. The malefic planets Mars and Ketu are sitting one house behind, that is, in the fourth house. In this way, Paap Kartari Yoga comes in the fifth house of the horoscope. Now here there will be trouble in getting the fruits related to the fifth house like education and children. Now here in the fifth house, the planet Jupiter has also come under the influence of Paap Kartari Yoga. In this situation, the fruits associated with the Guru will also be obtained after difficulty and struggle. The malefic planet Saturn is sitting one house behind the seventh house i.e. in the sixth house and the malefic planet Sun is sitting one house ahead of the seventh house i.e. in the eighth house.
So, due to Mercury sitting in the seventh house also coming under the influence of Paap Kartari Yoga, there will be problems in getting husband wife marriage and share and daily income. When Saturn transits in the twelfth house from Moon’s sign, it is the starting time of Sade Sati. When the planet Saturn comes over the moon sign. Then there is the middle phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati. When Shani comes in the second house of the moon sign, then that time is the last phase of Sade Sati of the malefic planet Shani. Which ends by going to the feet. In this way, the transit of Saturn from the twelfth house to the second house from the Moon gives inauspicious effects for the human being. Because of which life becomes boring. Along with this, there is a lot of problems in life. It means to say that the list of troubles and customs becomes long. Man cannot achieve any success even if he wants to.

Pitra Shanti Pujan

What are the benefits of Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja?
😇 Salvation of All Ancestors – For the salvation of all the ancestors, it is necessary to make Pitra Dosha Shanti, this not only gives them freedom but their soul also gets peace.

🏆 Progress in every field – Whoever does Pitru Dosh Shanti Puja with full method, he and his family get progress in every field.

👨 👨 👧 👧 Increase and peace in the family – By worshiping Pitra Dosh Shanti, the blessings of the ancestors are received, due to which peace is established in the family along with the progress of the family.

Who should perform Pitra Dosh Puja?
According to the scriptures, those who please their ancestors and wish for happiness, peace and prosperity in their family, they should perform Pitra Dosh Puja. Apart from this, this puja should also be performed to get rid of all kinds of defects and diseases from the family. The person who does or gets this worship done in the Pitru Paksha, gets freedom from all the faults of the world and Lakshmi resides in the house.

What is the glory of Ganga Ghat?

According to the Kedar Khand of Skanda Purana, Haridwar being the actual heart place of Narayan, it is considered more important because Maa Lakshmi resides in his heart. That’s why Shradh Karma has special importance at this place. It is believed that salvation is attained by offering ancestors at the Ganga Ghat in Haridwar. This is the reason why a huge crowd of devotees from all over the country throngs here for Shraddha Karma in Pitru Paksha. Many beliefs and legends are associated with this place. People from India and abroad also come here to worship for the peace of the souls of their forefathers.

People suffering from Pitra Dosh also worship here. Pitra Daan, Moksha, Japa, Yagya and Shraddha rituals are also performed at Ganga Ghat for those who have died prematurely. There are thousands of small and big mounds here, which people come here to see. These mounds have been made for body donation.

Ujjain Visit

Ujjain (/uːˈdʒeɪn/ (listen), Hindustani pronunciation: [ʊd͡ːʒɛːn], old name Avantika[4]) is a city in Ujjain district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the fifth-largest city in Madhya Pradesh by population and is the administrative centre of Ujjain district and Ujjain division.[3] It is one of the Hindu pilgrimage centres of Sapta Puri famous for the Kumbh Mela held there every 12 years.[5] The famous temple of Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is located in the center of the city. The city has been one of the most prominent trade and political centres of the Indian Subcontinent from the time of the ancient Mahājanapadas until the British colonisation of India.

An ancient city situated on the eastern bank of the Shipra River, Ujjain was the most prominent city on the Malwa plateau of central India for much of its history. It emerged as the political centre of central India around 600 BCE. It was the capital of the ancient Avanti kingdom, one of the sixteen Mahājanapadas. During the 18th century, the city briefly became the capital of the Scindia state of the Maratha Empire, when Ranoji Scindia established his capital at Ujjain in 1731. It remained an important political, commercial and cultural centre of Central India until the early 19th century, when the British administrators decided to develop Indore as an alternative to it. Ujjain continues to be an important place of pilgrimage for Shaivites, Vaishnavites and Shaktas.[6][7]

According to Puranic legend, Ujjain, along with Haridwar, Nashik, and Prayag, is one of four sites where drops of amrita,[8] the elixir of immortality, accidentally spilled over from a kumbha (pitcher) while being carried by the celestial bird Garuda during the Samudra Manthana, or the churning of the ocean of milk.

Ujjain has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission.[9]