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Ujjain situated in the heart of India is a part of Madhya Pradesh – Ujjain which is a pilgrimage site. This place, situated on the eastern bank of the Shipra river, introduces you to the journey of salvation like the Char Dhams. Perhaps you should not forget that this Kumbh Mela is held after every twelve years. During every Kumbh Mela, lakhs of pilgrims throng here. This main pilgrimage site of the Hindus engrosses the devotees in devotion. The sightseeing places of Ujjain will give such peace to your mind that you will get rid of your sorrow for some time. Such worship-recitation that will take you closer to the feet of God. Attracts travelers with its religious, architectural and educational values.

The Mahakal Lok Corridor measures over 900 metres in length. Entry is through two majestic gateways, the Nandi Dwar and the Pinaki Dwar. There are 108 ornate sandstone columns in a row, with the ‘Trishul’ design on top and various ‘mudras’ of Lord Shiva etched on the pillars.

10 places to visit in Ujjain
Let’s go on a trip to Ujjain where you will get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the purity of the river and devotion:

1. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling

This prominent Hindu temple in Ujjain is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. This is one of the oldest temples of Ujjain where you will get to see its annual decoration. The decoration of the temple is admirable on every Monday of Mahashivratri and Shravan month and during this time a huge crowd of devotees throng here.

2. Harsiddhi Mata Temple

This temple situated near Rudra Sagar lake is also the main temple of Ujjain. It is said that Goddess Parvati took the form of Harsiddhi Mata to kill two demons. This wonderful temple is dedicated to him only. The temple has two pillars which are lit every evening to illuminate the temple. In the middle of the grand temple, there is a deep saffron colored idol of Harsiddhi Mata, near which the idol of Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati is also situated. This temple was built during the Maratha period.

3. Temple of Bade Ganesha

As you must be understanding from the name itself, the size of the idol of Ganesha installed in this temple is grand. The morning and evening aarti will engross you in devotion. By coming here, you can increase your knowledge by learning Sanskrit and astrology. The beauty of Ganeshji’s idol is made on seeing it. It has a lot of recognition among the local people and this belief is now spreading far and wide.

4. ISKCON Temple

This temple giving testimony of Radha-Krishna is very attractive. This place is the educational place of Krishna, Balram and Sudama, hence there is a large number of devotees of Krishna here. The temple is decorated with white stone and there is a garden of green grass all around it which gives coolness to the eyes. This temple is definitely included in the photos of Ujjain. A unique statue of Radha-Krishna with Gopis and Krishna with Balram is installed in the temple. Chanting of Hare Krishna Hare Ram from morning till evening will make you happy.

5. Kaliyadeh Palace

This palace made of Persian architecture is situated on the banks of the Shipra River, not just one side but the river flows on both the sides of the palace. You will be able to see the unique view of nature here and that is why travelers come here for picnics on holidays. Everywhere water, greenery, beautiful palaces – wherever all these confluence takes place, there is beauty in the beauty and all the travelers who come year after year to take refuge here are witness to this beauty. This is not only Ujjain but also a major tourist destination of entire Madhya Pradesh.

6. Kumbh Mela

To purify your soul and get rid of sins, take a dip in the Shipra river of Ujjain. During the Kumbh Mela, crores of pilgrims come to wash their sins in its holy river. The atmosphere of faith everywhere and chanting of mantras will connect you with the colors of spirituality. From children to old people, every person takes refuge in it. Pilgrims come here to drown in the awe of purity so that they can find peace of mind with devotion. The fragrance of flowers and incense sticks makes the whole area fragrant.

7. Ram Mandir

As you must have become familiar with the name itself, this temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, where on one side of the idol of Lord Rama, the idol of Sita and on the other, the idol of Lakshmana is installed. From an architectural point of view it is a very good example. From the sculptures to the paintings, everything is worth appreciating. Their artistry is made on seeing. That’s why it is a place worth visiting where you can come and paint yourself in the colors of Ram Bhakti.

8. WWF Water Park & Resort

Taking a break from your devotion, you can come here to make your visit exciting. Here pools have been made for children and adults as per their convenience where you can enjoy playing in the water. After getting tired of having fun at the water park, arrangements for your stay have also been made here. You can relax in the present resort with your family and friends. You will not be able to let go of your desire to fill your journey with spiritual as well as adventure.

9. Bharthari Cave

This cave, which is one of the tourist places of Ujjain, is situated on the banks of the Shipra river, near the Gadhakalika temple. At this place, the brother of King Vikramaditya had meditated for many years, renouncing his comfortable life, worldly pleasures and sorrows, and the attachment of relationships. After his rigorous meditation, this cave was named after him – Bharthari. It is said that he was a very learned man, his mausoleum is preserved in Las cave. The atmosphere here will make you feel at peace.

10. Pir Matsyendranath

This place made of white stone has been built in the name of the Shaivite head of the Nath sect. It can be called the top from the artistic point of view. Matsyendranath was called Pir by Shaiva followers hence the name of this place includes Pir. This place is a place of worship for both Hindu and Muslim religions, hence more tourists are attracted here.

Trip Overview

Suggested Itinerary for Ujjain
Day 1- Start day at Harsiddhi Temple. Then visit Gadkalika Temple, Kaal Bhairav Temple, Sandipani Ashram and Mangalnath Temple. Day 2- Visit Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ram Ghat, Ranmukteshwar temple, Mahakaleshwar and Chintamani Ganesh Temple.

Trip Highlights

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The Mahakaleshwar temple is where the Mahakal; Lord Shiva is worshipped, it is also known as the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga; one among the 12 temples where the legend of Shiva appearing as the infinite column of light to test Brahma and Vishnu is observed.

Mahakal Lok Darshan

kd palace
Chintaman Ganesh

Top 5 Spots For Shopping In Ujjain

  • 1. Gopal Mandir Marg Market
  • 2. Pakiza Mall
  • 3. Treasure Bazaar
  • 4. Traditional Bazaar
  • 5. Bafna Sweets and Namkeen

9 Temples In Ujjain

  • Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Kalabhairava Temple
  • Chintaman Ganesh Temple
  • Harisiddhi Temple
  • Ram Ghat
  • GomtiKund
  • Dwarkadhish Gopal Mandir
  • Ram Janardan Mandir
  • Mangaknath Temple


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Ujjain Darshan All Places